Mission Statement

  1. MedJEM is committed to advance the research, education & clinical practice in the fields of EM and acute care through the publication of quality scholarly activity.
  2. MedJEM aims to provide solid publishing grounds for researchers in the Mediterranean region and in nations where the field and the specialty of EM remain in an early or middle phase of development.
  3. Accordingly, the journal opts to select publications from contributions and manuscripts that:
      • Are submitted by authors and researchers with a primary affiliation in the Mediterranean region or in nations where EM and acute care are still in an early or middle phase of development.
      • Pertain to study populations & topics of primary relevance to these nations’ heath needs
      • Increase the quality of educational and scientific knowledge and skills in the field.
  4. MedJEM will achieve its mission by:
      • Encouraging multidisciplinary and multi-centric data resulting from the cooperation between different disciplines, specialties and countries
      • Promoting scholarly activity, clinical guidelines and consensus statements by pioneers, activists and experts in the domain.
      • Adopting special focus interests on specific areas of interests such as medical toxicology, emergency medical services, disaster medicine, sports medicine, hyperbaric medicine, trauma, critical care, biomarkers, education, administration and leadership, and preventive medicine.
      • MedJEM will empower young investigators by encouraging them to present their work at international meetings and selecting substantial work for subsequent publication in the journal.
      • MedJEM aims to provide a platform for all other professionals who contribute to the field of EM and acute care. These can include and are not limited to: physicians from other specialties and subspecialties, nurses, technicians, public health professionals, allied health providers, lawyers, administrators, educators, as well asparamedics & prehospital providers.

Vision Statement

MedJEM aspires to be an important academic niche and reference for EM worldwide with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region and on nations where the field and the specialty of EM remain in an early or middle phase of development. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of EM and acute care by providing a reliable publishing, activism & exchange platform and the establishment of evidence-based paradigms.