MedJEM is a unique journal that focuses on the advancement of “Emergency Medicine & Acute Care” in both the Mediterranean region and internationally in nations where the field and the specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) remain in an early or middle phase of development. In fact, we pay close attention to publications from contributions and manuscripts that:

1- Are submitted by authors and researchers with a primary affiliation in nations where Emergency Medicine and acute care are in an early or middle development phase 
2- Pertain to study populations and topics of primary relevance to the Mediterranean region as well as to nations in such development phase
3- Increase the quality of education, knowledge and skills in the field in that region and those nations.

Our reviewers, section editors and associate editors are being recruited strictly from professional faculty who are involved or interested to primarily support developing nations in the field of Emergency Medicine and acute care. The journal will encourage multidisciplinary and multicenter data coming as a results of cooperation between nations where EM is in an early or middle phase of development.

In addition, since proper emergency medicine and acute care require the cooperation between physicians, nurses, technicians, EMS and allied health professionals, MedJEM will additionally provide a platform for these professionals to publish.

Last but not least, this journal will encourage young investigators to present their work in international meetings. The first issue is planned for publication in September 2019 in conjunction with the tenth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC 2019) in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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ISSN: 2642-7184

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