MedJEM is a unique journal that focuses on the advancement of “Emergency Medicine & Acute Care” in both the Mediterranean region and internationally in nations where the field and the specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) remain in an early or middle phase of development.


In Press

Pitfalls to Avoid while Interpreting Cholinesterase Activity Levels in Cholinesterase Inhibitor Pesticides Poisoning
Chefirat, Bilel; Rezk-kallah, Haciba; Beldjilali, Slimane; Zergui, Anissa


Recent Articles

Use National Early Warning Score in the Prognosis Of Stroke Patients in the Emergency Department
Poureskandari, Masoumeh; Rajaie Ghafouri, Rouzbeh; Sadeghi Hokmabadi, Elyar; Hosseinzadeh, Naiemeh; Mohammad Rezaie, Sevda; Shams Vahdati, Samad

A Case Report of Toxicity from Ingestion of a Hospital Antiseptic Solution Containing 1-Propanol and 2-Propanol
Farah, Rita; Muffarij, Afif; ElZahran, Tharwat; Kazzi, Ziad; Mrad, Sandra

An Overview of the State of Emergency Medicine in Syria
Mughal, Anisa Y; Dadoush, Hashem; Akkad, Rana; Hougeir, Serge

Follow-Up Behavior of Patients Who Leave Without Being Seen from a Hybrid Point of Service Collection Emergency Department
Hadid, Dima; El Sayed, Mazen; Hitti, Eveline


Certainly, we cannot launch a new open access journal such as MedJEM without justifying why we are doing so and what will be different about it.

First, we believe the specialty of emergency medicine (EM) as well as emergency, urgent and acute care around the Mediterranean basin have reached over the last three decades a level of development, complexity and needs that require the establishment of a regional internationally-driven medical journal. The publication of such a journal constitutes a major milestone in the development of any specialty in general - and of EM and emergency medical services in particular.

What is different about MedJEM?

The Mediterranean Academy of Emergency Medicine (MAEM), the regional international chapter of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM), will be the entity publishing this periodic peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal. It will do so in collaboration with a number of regional and international professional societies, academic organizations and institutions that are committed to excellence and exchange in the provision of emergency medicine and acute care education, research and practice.

MedJEM aims to serve the patient, the medical provider, the specialty of emergency medicine (EM) as well as all fields of acute care.

Accordingly, MedJEM will encourage and promote publications submitted by specialists, educators and scholars from all academic backgrounds and specialties as long as they pertain to acute care and any related topics or fields. We shall ensure that no less than half of our reviewers and editorial board have a non-EM specialist background since such a scholarly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary forum will undoubtedly enrich the exchange, the value and the impact of our journal.

MedJEM will embrace the multidisciplinary nature of emergency medical care. MedJEM is committed to core values that we plan to publish as our Mission and Vision statements in one of our 2020 issues. One adopted value is that excellence in emergency and acute care requires comprehensive multidisciplinary collaboration.

For that reason, MedJEM will certainly encourage interdisciplinary acute care collaboration between specialists, academicians and scholars. It will provide a platform for other professionals who collaborate with EM to publish. These include physicians from all other specialties including but not limited to the fields that are closely tied to EM (e.g., Medical Toxicology, Emergency Medical Services, Sports Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Trauma Surgery). MedJEM will also provide an exchange, publication and educational platform for nurses, technicians, paramedics & prehospital providers, public health professionals, and allied health providers.

Yes, MedJEM is different. This will be particularly evident through our international focus and commitment to advancing EM and acute care across and beyond the Mediterranean region to include any nations where the field and the specialty of EM remain in an early or middle phase of development. Accordingly, the journal opts to select publications from contributions and manuscripts that:

1. Are submitted by authors and researchers with a primary affiliation in the Mediterranean region or in any nations where EM and Acute Care are still in an early or middle phase of development.

2. Pertain to study populations & topics of primary relevance to these nations’ heath needs.

3. Increase the quality of educational and scientific skills in the field.

Last but not least, MedJEM will empower young investigators by encouraging them to present their work at international meetings and selecting substantial work for subsequent publication in the journal.

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