Greetings from AUB!

We are happy to announce that we will be open for enrollment for both our  EM Administration fellowshipand EM Education fellowship for the upcoming academic year (2020-2021). Each fellowship is a 2 year program that enrolls one fellow at a time,  so the cycle for open positions is generally every two years. 

The fellowships both include a masters degree (MBA vs Master in Education), a clinical component (junior attending position at AUBMC), and mentorship through the governance structures applicable to each fellowship by respective fellowship directors including committee exposures, taskforces, leadership opportunities as well as research in the respective area.

The fellowships are meant to prepare graduates to become leaders in the region in their respective areas as more hospitals look to our graduates to develop their quality programs and educational curricula.

For more information on the fellowships please see link below:

If you have an interest in exploring either of these fellowship for post-residency, please feel free to contact me (for EM Admin fellowship) at or Dr. Rasha Sawaya (for EM Education) at

Eveline Hitti, MD, MBA

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Chairperson

Department of Emergency Medicine

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